• Get TiltNav


    Please go to the Shopify App Store to download TiltNav.

  • Contact TiltNav


    Once the software is loaded, the Shopify will display this prompt. Please use the email link to contact GravityNav to discuss pricing and activation of TiltNav.

  • TiltNav App Access.

    Once we flip the switch on our end, open the TiltNav app by selecting it from the Shopify merchant control panel.

  • TiltNav OFF

    The default setting when the TiltNav loads is OFF. Select anywhere inside the circle to toggle to the ON position. This activates TiltNav.

  • TiltNav ON

    Once activated, this is what the button should look like and should say ON. TiltNav is now loaded onto the Shopify Merchant store.

  • Account Settings

    Select "Account" from Settings to access your payment details.

  • Help

    Help launches the TiltNav website where you can find information about TIltNav or contact us.

  • Hamburger Menu

    To access the TiltNav App, select the "Hamburger Menu" on the upper left of the screen.

  • App Location

    Select "Apps" from items to view your the apps loaded for the store

    and select.

  • TiltNav App Access.

    The TiltNav App is located in the Shopify "Apps" section of the Merchant panel. Select TiltNav to access the information above or to remove the App.