Tilt your phone to see more products.

    Use your phone as a throttle to view more stuff.

    Less flicking and swiping makes discovery fun.

  • DEMO

    Learn how to use TiltNav™

  • 1. RING

    TiltNav™ adds a RING overlay to mobile web stores. Single tap the on-screen RING to expose the TiltNav™ MENU. Tap again to close the MENU. This also resets TiltNav™'s NEUTRAL Point.

  • 2. MENU

    ON/OFF: The master switch to Turn TiltNav™ ON and OFF for the mobile web store.


    INFO: Launches the TiltNav™ User Manual.


    SCROLL FORWARD: Advances the product lists FORWARD.


    SCROLL REVERSE: Rewinds product lists in REVERSE.


    RING: Select to close the menu.

  • 3. MENU / ON

    ON is the default setting for TiltNav™. Opening the MENU allows users to reset the NEUTRAL Point for list movement. Closing the MENU sets the new rotation angle.

  • 4. MENU / OFF

    Tap ON to turn TiltNav™ OFF. The SCROLL FORWARD/REVERSE arrows aren't active and are removed. Select OFF again to turn TiltNav™ back ON. Closing the MENU resets the NEUTRAL Point.


    The NEUTRAL point is automatically set when the mobile web store opens. This is the point where there's no motion. This can be reset by selecting the RING to open the MENU, rotate the phone to the desired angle, and closing the MENU. Your new TiltNav™ NEUTRAL point is now set!


    Tilt your phone forward to begin scrolling through the list of items in the store. The list advances when the device is tilted away from you. The browsing speed is determined by the device angle. The further away from you the device is rotated, the faster the list will travel.


    To return to the top of your list, tilt the phone back. The list reverses direction when the device is tilted toward you. As you tilt the device closer to you, the faster the list will travel.